Dallas West Church of Christ

#Be Like Bo Day of Service

September 6, 2020 is the day the Dallas area won’t soon forget.  It’s the day Botham Jean was killed by a Dallas Police officer.
In his honor and in his memory, we are asking your congregation to join us in a #Be Like Bo Day of Service.
Bo’s voice was silenced too soon, but the Day of Service is a way for us to remember what he stood for: Love, Service, Sharing and Giving.
There are several ideas for this remembrance.
One congregation is planning to give brown bags to the homeless.
Another is planning a Food Giveaway for the community.
Other ideas include:
·         A compassion campaign for seniors could involve becoming pen pals with tenants

            at a senior care center near you.
·         A Backpack Drive
·         A school supply drive.
Anything of service you do in Botham’s name would be appreciated. We’d also appreciate it if you put #BeLikeBo on your social media pages.
We are also going to create a sea of red in our congregations to mark the day.
Please let us know if you decide to participate in this memorial on September 6th.
Humbly submitted
Dallas Area Preachers and Church Leaders
For more information, call 214-215-4933 or visit www.DAPCL.com